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With the expansion program successfully in place, the management turned their attention to try and significantly increase sales.

Additionally, the new facility enables us to specialise our products based on customer requests.  Previously we were not able to accommodate their requests not because of lack of expertise or knowledge in these products, but as a result of production time and capacity constraints. 

Today we are proud to acknowledge our capability to add the following to our line of products:

  • Salted whole and egg yolk
  • Sugared whole and egg yolk
  • Enzyme added pasteurized liquid egg products
  • Special blended egg mixed for special filling
We can also produce pasteurized liquid egg products based on applications in food manufacturing be it for emulsifying, binding, flavouring or whipping, to name a few.

For the past few decades, bakeries, confectioneries and sauces have been the few fastest growing industries in Malaysia.  This upward trend depicts the change in the eating habits of the Malaysian youth and the general population.  Foreign investment in some of these industries is increasing too because of the affordable palm oil base margarine and emulsifier here.  These are not just catered to the local markets but for export to the Middle East and Europe.

Mayonnaise and other dressings require eggs as part of their recipes to act as emulsifier and assist in the binding of other ingredients including oil, vinegar, water and some spices.  Malaysia has one of the biggest soy bean refineries in South East Asia.  Soy bean is a major ingredient in mayonnaise and dressing manufacturing which makes the investments in these industries more feasible here.  Malaysia is also the HALAL hub for these products that are being shipped to many parts of Asia and the Middle East.  Currently, 50% of our business is for the mayonnaise and dressing manufacturers.