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Breakthrough Technology

Where traditionally, consumers nationwide had consumed whole shelled eggs for decades, the emergence of our company in 2000 promised a breakthrough in the egg industry.

Gone are the days of breaking eggs over hot steaming frying pans and the stocking up of egg shells, thanks to the pasteurised liquid egg products of EGGTECH MANUFACTURING SDN BHD which has now become a fixture in hotels, bakeries, caterers, restaurants and food manufacturing facilities across the Klang Valley and other states.

Preparations of meals and food products requiring eggs have been made easier, less cumbersome and last but not least safe.

We felt it was important to produce pasteurised liquid egg products in Malaysia and not having to import. It was also important to support the local egg farmers and that is one of the main reasons why the company was established.

Today, the liquid egg factory receives a consistent supply of fresh eggs from a network of egg farmers across the country.